As a strings teacher, you are constantly battling an underlying public perception that strings programs are not relevant in the modern world. Then you are left on your own to make the case for your program’s relevance. This site not only helps you make that case but also empowers you with a new paradigm to advocate for why strings programs are essential in U.S. Education.

The core message of this new paradigm is that the advancing technology of artificial intelligence, big data and robotics is quickly taking over the work that used to be done by humans. This makes the current education process obsolete because it is based on grading students on how well they regurgitate memorized information. This process does nothing to stimulate the uniqueness of the human mind and instead just teaches students counter-productive skills to compete with the advancing technology. The main differentiating skill humans will have from any future technology is the ability to use the uniqueness of our imagination and creativity. That means this is the main skill that U.S. Education programs need to stimulate. Albert Einstein understood this almost 100 years ago when he noted: "A society's competitive advantage will come not from how well its schools teach the multiplication and periodic tables, but from how well they stimulate imagination and creativity."

But since creativity is intangible and at this point hard to quantify, we need to first look to human history for guidance. Since the dawn of civilization it has been understood that creativity can be expressed through art and music. The reason is that both are exactly the same vehicle but in different form; art is frozen music and music is liquid art. But what is only now being recognized is that there's a powerful self-reinforcing loop. The very act of expressing art and music in turn stimulates more creativity. And within the music domain, the violin family of string instruments stimulates creativity the strongest.

So in the future, as advancing technology starts to quickly change society, creative skills will ultimately define human professional and personal success. U.S. Education will be caught off guard and will scramble to adapt. Educators will start experimenting with different programs and waste generations of students’ lives until a scalable new Project Based Learning curriculum starts to develop. Through this entire time, the strings programs will be the anchors, within U.S. Education, that continue to stimulate creativity and keep our students skills relevant in a very competitive future market.

Though this is a bold new paradigm, the resources, information and insight to support it are given in the video and links below.


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