Global Strings Alliance was founded by Jonathan Lane and Anton Krutz.

Jonathan Lane is a successful innovator in music education. He is a veteran public school orchestra teacher, whose groups have performed at the highest levels, and also is an active professional performer and private double bass studio teacher. Lane’s education includes many of the top people in string education, conducting and double bass. In string education, he has worked with Robert Culver, Jim Kjelland, Robert Gillespie, Dean Angeles, and Louis Bergonzi.

As a very young man, Lane even worked with Merle Isaac and Samuel Applebaum. In conducting he has done workshops with William L. Jones, Marvin Rabin, Glenn Block and Donald Schleicher. As a bass student, his teachers include: Larry Hurst, Jim Clute, Dan Swaim, and Henry Portnoy. Lane has published in the ASTA magazine, “The Instrumentalists” and contributed to the GIA series of books “Teaching Music through Performance”. He has given presentations at The Chicago Band orchestra clinic and the National ASTA conference. As a teacher, Lane’s experiences include Kindergarten through college music students. As a bassist, he has played professionally Rock, Jazz, Symphony Orchestra, Opera, Ballet, Chamber music, and solo recitals. He has performed with renown artists such as Yo-Yo Ma, Placido Domingo and Mikhail Baryshnikov. Most recently, Lane was recorded in a session for rapper Tech N9ine.

As a conductor, he has lead orchestras from Middle School, High School, Honors groups, Youth Symphony, college, community, and professional ensembles. As an innovator, Lane has created his own solo and ensemble festivals and worked with his band director to form a very successful full symphony orchestra program. That high school symphony orchestra went on to perform major works by Wagner, Dvorak, Beethoven, Berlioz, and Tchaikovsky. Working with his orchestra booster group he also created an international composition contest with contestants from all over the world. Some might consider Jonathan Lane a rebel, as he has done things regularly different than others in highly successful ways. Jonathan Lane is also a father of three and a grandfather. Presently, he directs a new community orchestra called the Westwood Ensemble while continuing to perform professionally, teach privately, guest conduct and work as an orchestra clinician.



Anton Krutz is a Master Luthier, Entrepreneur and Thought Leader with over 40 years experience in the bowed string instrument field.

He was born in Leningrad, Russia, into a family rich in musical history. Two of his grandparents were Leningrad conservatory graduates and both parents were musician majors as well. Anton started his apprenticeship training to become a luthier (instrument maker) at age 12. He attended and graduated from the internationally known Violin Making School of America in Salt Lake City and then concentrated on the restoration of valuable instruments, working in different prestigious shops across the country. This path required him to synthesize information from the fields of math, geometry, chemistry, physics, history, art, crafting, restoration and music in order to excel in his profession to become one of the best luthiers in the word. His instruments are owned and played by many of today’s prominent musicians.

Anton’s experience evolved within the business space as he started and grew the two companies he founded, KRUTZ instruments and K.C. Strings. He now has over 40 employees and does business Internationally with student to professional string players. Over the years Anton has intuitively connected his diverse talent stack of disciplines and adapted that understanding to a broader context of creativity.