There is a lot of information out there. There are music teacher organizations designed to help us. However, orchestra musicians and string players often feel alone. Here is a place school teachers and private teachers can interact and share concerns. Let’s have conversations about music-making that are relevant to you now.

At Global Strings Alliance we love conversations about music, string playing and learning. We especially enjoy talking about orchestra music, sharing ideas about string playing techniques and providing information about instrument care. How we learn and improve as string players and teachers excites us.

If you have goals for yourself, your students or your program let’s have a talk about how we all can improve what we do. Global Strings Alliance is here to help you and be a mentor so you can reach your goals as a teacher, musician, conductor and music educator.

Join this alliance of 21st century musicians and let’s go beyond what has been done before. Let’s be different, better and more creative.